About Us

CincyBuckeyes was created by coaches from around the Cincinnati area an order to provide a high level of basketball instruction for kids interested in playing at the highest level CincyBuckeyes Team has to offer. After volunteering their time and efforts for other organizations it quickly became apparent that their goals did not coincide with other clubs and they decided to take their combined years of basketball coaching experience to branch out and form an organization which puts kids first and focuses on player development which teaches and enforces respect, the importance of a team, dedication, honesty and hard work. At the end of the day, every player who crosses our path will understand what makes a basketball team effective and how to relate what they learn and what we teach throughout the season; to their everyday life.


What Are Our Goals? 


The CincyBuckeyes teams will offer the most advanced basketball players the opportunity to fully develop their skills at the highest level of competitive play. Our goals are to teach the game of basketball to those who desire more from the game and who want to compete at the highest level. The teams will compete in the in local, regional and national leagues and tournaments.  The CincyBuckeyes coach’s goals are to provide the highest quality of basketball experience for all players, regardless of skill level. We believe that the coaches can best accomplish this goal by attempting to help raise and encourage each player’s level of basketball skill to incorporate into our level of play and expectations. By offering a high level of instruction and by demanding a high effort of play it will keep kids interested and involved in CincyBuckeyes Basketball. The CincyBuckeyes program hopes to continue to add quality coaches and teams to our program in the future! 

Supporters and Sponsors

The CincyBuckeyes is currently funding the program through parent support and through dedicated coaches and volunteers donating their time and efforts to make the program work. We are truly blessed to have so many quality people willing to support our program but are in need of sponsors to help assist in achieving the CincyBuckeyes goals and by guaranteeing the future of our club and mission statement. Each and every parent, grandparent, sibling, family member and friend make this program work. The CincyBuckeyes is a non-profit organization and are currently operating under non-profit organization 501(c)(3) guidelines. The CincyBuckeyes is currently searching for sponsors who can help make this program successful on and off the court. We are grateful for any contribution offered. Please know that without sponsor support we would not be able to provide the best opportunity for each player. Many of you know that basketball means more than winning and losing. The game teaches us self discipline, determination and builds character that reaches far beyond the confines of a basketball court.




Developing young men and young ladies to be successful in competitive basketball at a high level that also prepares them for success in life after basketball. The lessons taught in preparing and competing at a very high level of competitive basketball are the primary tools in developing inner city and suburban youth for success in life.


To be recognized nationally as a elite basketball programs the focus on game competition, skills training, school scholastics.



Core Values 

1) We believe that, through sports & Mentoring, our youth can learn some of Life’s greatest values.

2) We believe that academic excellence is a reflection of the commitment and discipline needed for students to excel in athletics.

3) We believe that every student has the capability to realize his or her dreams with proper guidance, support, and nurturing.

4) We believe that children should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential regardless of national origin, creed or gender.

5) We believe that drugs and alcohol are detrimental to the growth and development of a student athlete.

6) We believe that our children should appreciate and value their culture and that of other Peoples.

7) We believe in teamwork, collective effort with individual responsibility.